24. Related Party TransactionsThe Company and its consolidated subsidiaries have transactions with NP Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. The transactions between the companies for the years ended March 31, 2017 and 2016 were as follows: Millions of yen Thousands ofU.S. dollarsFor the year201720162017Sales of fine & specialty paper products and converted products¥11,422¥11,578 $101,809Purchase of stencil, chemicals and equipment4,6655,05341,584 Millions of yen Thousands ofU.S. dollarsAt year-end201720162017Trade notes and accounts receivable¥3,941 ¥4,085 $35,132Trade notes and accounts payable1,8351,97916,360Other liabilities33327These related party transactions are carried out on an arm’s-length basis similar to third party transactions.25. Amounts Per ShareThe amounts per share of net assets and net income as of and for the years ended March 31, 2017 and 2016 were as follows:Yen U.S. dollars201720162017Net assets¥2,465.43¥2,370.49 $21.98Net income (basic)158.69151.071.41Net income (diluted)158.46150.861.41The bases for calculation were as follows:(1) Basic and diluted net income per shareMillions of yenThousands of U.S. dollars201720162017Net income (basic) per share:Profit attributable to owners of parent¥11,450¥10,899$102,060Amount not attributable to common shareholders———Profit attributable to owners of parent attributable to common shares¥11,450¥10,899$102,060Weighted-average number of common shares issued during the year (thousand)72,15272,14472,152Net income (diluted) per share:Adjustment of profit attributable to owners of parent related to dilutive securities¥    —¥    —$      —Adjustment of dilutive securities (thousand)106102106 [Share subscription rights (thousand)][106][102][106](2) Net assets per shareMillions of yenThousands of U.S. dollars201720162017Total net assets¥178,690¥172,101$1,592,752Amount deducted from total net assets8061,0647,185[Share subscription rights][186][169][1,665][Non-controlling interests][619][895][5,520]Net assets attributable to common shares¥177,884¥171,037$1,585,566Number of shares of common stock outstanding used in calculation of net assets per share (thousand)72,15172,15272,151LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 201782FINANCIAL SECTION

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