Business Model That Realizes Sustainable Growth The numerous assets amassed by the LINTEC Group since the time of its founding are vital capital for our business activities and the driving force in our manufacturing as we respond to wide-ranging social needs. We will continue to return the resulting prots to our stakeholders and invest with an eye to the future as we seek to create new value.COVER STORYLINTEC’s Business ModelCultivated Technologies P.30-33Comprehensive Product supply system in Japan and Overseas P.34-37Diverse Human Resources and Corporate Culture P.38-39Solid Financial Base P.50-83Relationships of Trust with StakeholdersPartnersINPUTCooperationAssets BuildupBusiness Segments P.22-296LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017Printing and Industrial Materials Products• Printing & Variable Information Products Operations• Industrial & Material OperationsElectronic and Optical Products• Advanced Materials Operations• Optical Products OperationsPaper and Converted Products• Fine & Specialty Paper Products Operations • Converted Products OperationsTrinity of Business Activities with Sales, R&D and Production P.20-21OUTPUT

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