COVER STORYLINTEC’s Distinct Features4LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017We are drawing on the original technological capabilities we have built up over the years to establish a rm position as a leading company in adhesive products and specialty papers. Based on our philosophy of “customer rst” and innovative new ideas, we will continue to work on developing high-value-added products we can offer to customers to meet their diverse range of needs.Cultivated Technologies Realize Our StrengthsLINTEC’s Competitive Advantages — Integrated Production System for Adhesive Products and Provision of Comprehensive SolutionsLINTEC’s expertise extends beyond adhesives development and coating to proprietary technology in the manufacture of base paper for release papers, the development of release materials and related coating processes, and facestock improvement coating. The Group has thus built an integrated production system for adhesive products. The resulting ability to manufacture and procure release papers and lms for adhesive products in-house gives us advantages in quality, costs, and delivery lead times. Additionally, by combining different processing technologies, we are able to create adhesive products for use in a diverse range of elds. In areas other than adhesive products, we bring to market large numbers of unique products designed for use with upstream technologies, such as industrial-use release papers and lms and specialty papers.We also develop and manufacture equipment that fully leverages the properties of our adhesive materials. This includes labeling machines that automatically apply labels to packaging and equipment used in semiconductor production. Comprehensive solutions incorpo-rating materials and such equipment are another advantage of the LINTEC Group.Integrated Production System for Adhesive ProductsPrinting and Industrial Materials ProductsElectronic and Optical ProductsPaper and Converted ProductsBase Paper / FilmPapermakingBase PaperBase Paper / FilmRelease AgentRelease Agent Development and CoatingFacestockSurface ImprovementSurface Improvement ProcessingAdhesive Development and Coating, and BondingAdhesiveRelated Equipment Development

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