Apr.1998Certied as an Attorney, joined Kajitani Law Ofces (to present)Oct.2005Admitted to practice law in the State of New York, U.S.Jun.2015Outside Director / Audit & Supervisory Committee Member of the Company (current position)Jun.2015Member of LINTEC Independent Committee (current position)Kanako Osawa (Date of Birth: Dec. 22, 1970)Executive OfcersApr.1980Joined Sanyo-Kokusaku Pulp Co., Ltd.Apr.2013Executive Ofcer, General Manager, Kushiro Mill, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.Jun.2016Executive Ofcer, General Manager, Business Communication & Industrial Paper Sales Div., Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (current position)Jun.2017Outside Director of the Company (current position)Kazumori Fukushima (Date of Birth: Feb. 12, 1958)Outside DirectorApr.1980Joined the CompanyApr.2013Executive Ofcer, Plant Manager, Chiba Plant, Production Div.Jun.2017Director, Executive Ofcer, Assistant General Manager, Production Div. and Plant Manager, Tatsuno Plant (current position)Takehiko Wakasa (Date of Birth: Jun. 23, 1956)Apr.1979Joined the CompanyOct.2012General Manager, Audit OfceJun.2017Director / Audit & Supervisory Committee Member (current position)Hiroshi Okada (Date of Birth: Aug. 25, 1954)Director / Audit & Supervisory Committee MemberApr.1981Joined Jujo Paper Co., Ltd.Jun.2014Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of the CompanyJun.2014Director, Executive Ofcer, General Manager, Corporate Planning Div. and in charge of Subsidiaries and Afliated Companies, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (current position)Jun.2015Outside Director / Audit & Supervisory Committee Member of the Company (current position)Toru Nozawa (Date of Birth: Mar. 10, 1959)Outside Directors / Audit & Supervisory Committee MembersApr.1975Joined Japan Development BankApr.2003Lecturer, Chuo University, Graduate School of Commerce (current position)Jun.2006Outside Director, Ryobi Limited (current position)Jun.2007Member of LINTEC Independent Committee (current position)Jun.2012Outside Director of the Company Jun.2015Outside Director / Audit & Supervisory Committee Member of the Company (current position)Satoshi Ohoka (Date of Birth: Apr. 24, 1951)Masahiro OshimaPresident, LINTEC USA HOLDING, INC.Tatsuya TsukidaGeneral Manager, Research & Development Div. and Research CenterSumio MorimotoPresident, LINTEC ASIA PACIFIC REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS PRIVATE LIMITEDYohei HoshikawaGeneral Manager, Corporate Strategic OfceToru OnishiPlant Manager, Mishima Plant, Production Div. and General Manager, Administration Dept.Shigeru UematsuGeneral Manager, Public Relations OfceNorio MurataGeneral Manager, Osaka Branch Ofce, Business Administration Div., in charge of Western Japan and General Manager, Converted Production Sales Dept.Yutaka IwasakiGeneral Manager, Converted Products Operations, Business Administration Div.Toshimi SugayaGeneral Manager, Fine & Specialty Paper Products Operations, Business Administration Div. and General Manager, Fine & Specialty Paper Sales Dept.Takeshi KaiyaGeneral Manager, Advanced Materials Operations, Business Administration Div.Hiroyuki MatsuoPlant Manager, Agatsuma Plant, Production Div.Masaaki YoshitakeGeneral Manager, Printing & Variable Information Products Operations, Business Administration Div.49LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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