Rehiring SystemsTo expand work-style options for its employees, the Group operates a “job return” program for rehiring people who are still able to ll posts effectively after resigning for personal reasons such as childbirth, nursing care of a family member, or a spouse’s transfer to a different location. We also have a system that enables employees who wish to continue working beyond the mandatory retirement age of 60 to work on one-year contracts to a maximum age of 65.Tsunetoshi MochizukiDirector, Managing Executive OfcerGeneral Manager, General Affairs & Human Resources Div.To increase labor productivity, it is essential to have diverse human resources with a dynamic and healthy work style. Work-style reform has become a national theme in Japan and at LINTEC we have achieved results with our thorough labor man-agement aimed at deterring employees from working too many hours and our planned vacation system, which has increased employees’ use of paid leave.In regard to diversity, we established a committee to study the promotion of diversity in 2016, and we are seeking to pro-vide support and an appropriate work environment for employ-ees in situations such as caring for family members and bringing up small children. Our promotion of greater female participation includes initiatives to change female employees’ way of thinking, a system for returning to work after having children, and the expansion of the female ratio of hired gradu-ates, managers, and section chiefs.In fostering human resources I have the image of a moun-tain, with specialty work knowledge at the summit and broader knowledge and understanding of related areas at the foot. The Company as a whole supports career advancement with train-ing courses tailored to the employee’s level and theme-specic courses.I want people to take pride in being a LINTEC employee and family member 10, 20, and 30 years from now and have a smile on their face as they go about their daily life. I also want to main-tain an open corporate culture where people can speak their minds. To these ends, I will be making adjustments to the work environment and improvements to human resources systems.A Message from the General Manager39LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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