FY19911992199319951996199719981999200021994Accumulated Technology CapabilitiesEstablished in 1927 as a manufacturer of gummed tape for packaging, FUJI SHOKAI signicantly expanded its businesses due to the demand for cardboard boxes, which were rapidly being used as a replacement for wooden boxes. In 1960, we began selling adhesive papers for labels and subsequently entered the adhesive lm eld, thereby laying the foundations of our current mainstay businesses. In the 1970s, the Company diversied into products for motorcycles, automobiles, and interior / exterior decoration. After changing its name to FSK CORPORATION, the Company entered the semiconductor eld in 1986 through the development of innovative products. In these ways, the Company’s business domains broadened as times changed. LINTEC Corporation came into being in 1990 through a three-way merger with SHIKOKU PAPER CO., LTD. and SOHKEN KAKO CO., LTD. This led to signicant extension of the technology domain into upstream areas such as papermaking.Since our founding in 1927 as FUJI SHOKAI, we have steadily grown through constant development of technolo-gies and products that anticipate the needs of the times. Since the 1990 merger of three companies to form LINTEC Corporation, the Group has been stepping up globalization. Today, LINTEC products play important roles in a wide range of countries.COVER STORYLINTEC’s HistoryNet Sales¥102,608 millionGummed tapeTime of establishmentUV curable dicing tape2LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 20171991 Made full-scale entry into LCD-related product eldFeb. 1994 Singapore Ofce openedMay 1994 PT. LINTEC INDONESIA established as manufacturing base for adhesive products for labelsMain HighlightsApr. 1927 FUJI SHOKAI established in Sugamo, TokyoStarted production and sales of gummed tape for packagingOct. 1934 The Company reorganized to establish FUJI SHIKO CORPORATIONMar. 1960Started production and sales of adhesive papers for labels and later commenced production and sales of adhesive lms1970s Expanded business in industrial elds such as decorative materials for interiors and exteriors, motorcycles, automobiles and othersOct. 1984 Company name changed to FSK CORPORATION1986Developed UV curable dicing tape and made full-scale entry into the semiconductor-related product eldFSK CORPORATION+SHIKOKU PAPER CO., LTD.+SOHKEN KAKO CO., LTD.Apr. 1990 LINTEC CorporationFormed through themerger of three companies

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