CORPORATE VALUE INITIATIVESResearch and DevelopmentPaper and Converted ProductsWe developed and commenced sales of a new white craft paper that has excellent water-repellent characteristics and is suitable for offset printing and laser printers as a new version of an exist-ing product that was launched in 2015. The new version is also ideal for envelopes because of its concealment feature of more than 99% and the fact that it can protect important information they contain from view.Through these and other R&D activities, this segment incurred R&D expenses of ¥1.3 billion.LINTEC entered the semiconductor business eld in 1986 through the development of UV curable dicing tape that controls adhesion via UV radiation. This groundbreaking tape adheres strongly when thin wafers are being diced into chips to prevent the chips from scattering and reduces adhesion through UV radiation for easy removal when the chips are picked up. It currently has a global market share of around 50%.Surface protective tapes have been gaining market share in recent years. They are used to protect circuits on wafer surfaces when the backside is being ground to make the wafer thinner. LINTEC tapes are winning plaudits for quality and performance as wafers become thinner and circuits become ner and more complex.Our global share in backside coating tape for ip chips is almost 100%. Flip chips have protruding electrodes on their circuit, which are ipped for direct mounting on the substrate. LINTEC was the rst mover in developing tapes with a view to reinforc-ing the backside surfaces of ip chips as chips became thinner.We will aim to raise our presence further in the semiconductor industry through the continuous provision and development of innovative new products with consistently high quality.Column: LINTEC Semiconductor-Related Adhesive TapesSemiconductor chip manufacturing back-end processesTapeChipWafer following circuit formationLamination of surface protective tapeBack grinding (wafer thinning)Lamination of dicing tapeReverseRemoval of surface protective tapeReverseDicing (wafer cutting)UV irradiation of tapePicking upDie bondingMoldingBackside coating tape for ip chipsDicing tapeBumpAdhesiveSubstrateFlip chip32LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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