Adhesive applicationsThrough the development of adhe-sives and substrates and the com-bination of related technologies, we are expanding the range of elds in which the basic functions of adhe-sive products, primarily adhesion and release, are utilized.Surface improvement Through the chemical and physical processing of the surfaces of paper and lm, we are enhancing their characteristics and adding new functionality.System development Through the systemization of machinery and equipment and building high-level systems that draw on the distinctive characteris-tics of materials, we are providing advanced solutions.Specialty papers and release materials productionWe use original papermaking technologies and coating, impreg-nation, and laminating technolo-gies to develop special function papers and high-value-added materials that transcend traditional concepts of paper.CORPORATE VALUE INITIATIVESResearch and DevelopmentAs a technology-centered company, we realize that strengthening R&D capabilities is one of our most impor-tant management strategies for achieving sustainable growth. Two approaches help us to create both products that resolve our customers’ technological issues and products that are unprecedented, innovative, and lead the market: the developing of functional materials and related processing technologies that leverage our propri-etary technological capabilities and a market-dialogue style of research that emphasizes user needs. Going forward, we will further strengthen our R&D systems to accelerate the speed of product development and create new technologies.Four Core TechnologiesResearch and Development StructureThe Research & Development Division’s research center has not only state-of-the-art research facilities but also a clean room with the same semiconductor-related equipment that is found in the production environment of our customers. The addition of the Advanced Technology Building, with its large-scale pilot coaters that closely resemble factory mass production facilities, in 2015, provided a structure for smooth ow from R&D to mass produc-tion. Approximately 200 research personnel are at work in eight laboratories and other departments. In addition, the Nano-Science & Technology Center in the U.S. state of Texas is engaged in research in new elds outside our current technology domain.30LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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