Paper and Converted ProductsCORPORATE VALUE INITIATIVESFY201716.5¥ 18.0 billionFine & Specialty Paper Products OperationsWe have the leading share in the Japanese market for color papers for envelopes and colored construction papers. We also manu-facture and sell specialty papers including oil resistant papers used in food packaging, dust-free papers for use in places such as clean rooms, high-grade printing papers with special textures, and high-grade papers for paper products used in business cards and postcards. Our business is currently centered on Japan but we will be undertaking sales activities with an eye on overseas markets.Business Strategies Our market is shrinking as the paperless trend gains traction, and to secure earnings in this environment LINTEC’s medium-term business plan LIP-2019 calls for new product launches to sustain and expand current business in Japan combined with proactive development of new markets, including overseas markets.The market environment is harsh for our mainstay color papers for envelopes, but sales of prod-ucts that prevent the contents from being seen from the outside are growing steadily. Our new water-repellent products have been well received and we want to continue developing and offering such high-value-added products. We will work to expand sales of special function papers, which represent one of our fortes, in overseas markets, where these papers have yet to fully penetrate.Toshimi Sugaya Executive OfcerGeneral Manager, Fine & Specialty Paper Products Operations, Business Administration Div.Main Products• Color papers for envelopes• Colored construction papers• Special function papers• High-grade printing papers• High-grade papers for paper productsSalesResults of Fiscal Year 2017Goal for Fiscal Year 2020¥ 16.5 billion8.0%Net Sales¥ 206.0 billionFiscal year ended March 31, 2017FY2020 (Forecast)(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)28LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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