Electronic and Optical ProductsCORPORATE VALUE INITIATIVESAdvanced Materials OperationsWe are building a unique position in the electronics industry with products such as specialized adhesive tapes that are essential in semiconductor chip manufacturing and mounting processes, and we also make equipment that leverages these tapes’ special features fully. In addition, we produce release lms that are crucial in the production of multilayer ceramic capacitors, which are tiny electronic components. The development of new, next-generation sheet materials is another of our focuses.Business Strategies The electronics industry is vibrant but products that are selling well now may not do so in the future. We constantly strives to anticipate needs so that we can supply our customers with products that meet their requirements just when they need them. Demand for quality in our products continues to rise year after year as end products increase in sophistication and capacity while becoming thinner. We will be strengthening our ties with suppliers as we strive for a stable supply of high-quality products.We think that demand for semiconductors and electronic components will rise signicantly going forward due to the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the introduction of next-generation, high-speed communications. We will aim to meet our targets by developing next-generation products, such as optically clear adhesive sheets for automobile panels, as a fourth pillar of opera-tions to stand alongside our established pillars of semiconductor-related adhesive tapes and equip-ment and multilayer ceramic capacitor-related tapes. Takeshi KaiyaExecutive Ofcer General Manager, Advanced Materials Operations, Business Administration Div.Main Products• Semiconductor-related adhesive tapes and equipment• Multilayer ceramic capacitor-related tapesSales Results of Fiscal Year 2017FY201743.0¥ 53.0 billionGoal for Fiscal Year 2020¥ 43.0 billion20.9%Net Sales¥ 206.0 billionFiscal year ended March 31, 2017FY2020 (Forecast)(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)26LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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