Industrial & Material OperationsThese operations provide an extremely wide range of products, from window lms with various functions such as cutting out heat and ultra-violet light when they are attached to building and automobile windows through to automobile-use adhesive products for vehicle body decoration and protection, industrial-use adhesive tapes for bonding components in mobile and other devices, barcode printers used in production lines and distribution, labeling machines for automated labeling, lms for outdoor signs and advertising, and interior nishing mounting sheets.Main Products• Window lms• Automobile-use adhesive products• Industrial-use adhesive tapes• Barcode printers• Labeling machines• Films for outdoor signs and advertising• Interior nishing mounting sheetsSalesResults of Fiscal Year 2017¥ 30.6 billion14.9%Business Strategies A major topic for Industrial & Material Operations is strengthening our overseas business foundation centered on window lms and motorcycle- and automobile-use adhesive products. We have estab-lished a good reputation for product quality overseas, and now we need to collaborate with LINTEC ASIA PACIFIC and the three U.S. and European companies that became subsidiaries in 2016 on esh-ing out our sales network and raising brand awareness. Training globally oriented staff and developing products adapted to local requirements are pressing tasks in this regard. Fundamental business man-agement rationalization has been announced for MADICO in the U.S., which is still performing weakly, and we will also work with our manufacturing bases in Thailand and Suzhou, China to build an optimum production and sales structure for window lms and other products. In Japan we will be focusing on distribution and automotive applications, and we will also step up our sales promotion activities for signs and graphic sheets in anticipation of growth in demand.Shuji MorikawaDirector, Executive Ofcer General Manager, Industrial & Material Operations, Business Administration Div.Goal for Fiscal Year 202030.6¥ 41.5 billionFY2017Net Sales¥ 206.0 billionFiscal year ended March 31, 2017(Fiscal years ended / ending March 31)FY2020 (Forecast)25LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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