CORPORATE VALUE INITIATIVESSalesThe Business Administration Division, which is responsible for sales, provides customer coverage throughout Japan from 11 ofces. The Iidabashi ofce is the largest, with approximately 300 staff in Tokyo, and the network also includes Osaka and Nagoya. The LINTEC Group has more than 50 production and sales ofces in Asia, Europe, and North America, supplying LINTEC products worldwide.The Group’s business is divided into six operations, each of which conducts sales activities based on its own strate-gies. These operations are classied under three segments—Printing and Industrial Materials Products, Electronic and Optical Products, and Paper and Converted Products—in accordance with product, technology, and market.Printing and Industrial Materials ProductsPrinting & Variable Information Products OperationsIndustrial & Material OperationsAdvanced Materials OperationsOptical Products OperationsFine & Specialty Paper Products OperationsConverted Products OperationsElectronic and Optical ProductsPaper and Converted Products22LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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