VDI, LLCBased in the U.S. state of Kentucky, VDI is a manufacturer of func-tional lms. The company uses metallizing technology, which forms thin metal layers on lm surfaces, to make metal vapor deposition lms and sputtering* lms that it markets itself. As it is a supplier to MADICO, LINTEC’s window lm manufacturing subsidiary in the U.S., there is potential for cost savings in materials procurement. The LINTEC Group has not had metallizing technologies before and will be using them in product development to roll out business in new elds.* Sputtering: The ejection of particles by bombarding materials such as metals and oxides at high energies in a vacuum and the deposition of the particles on lms and other surfaces.David Bryant, PresidentWe believe “Quality, Innovation, and Service” are three keys to our success. Producing quality products generates satised customers; innovation allows us to serve many markets across the globe; and excellent client service generates future business. We believe VDI and LINTEC have many things in common, as manufacturers. We both are very active in the window lm market and look for new technologies to broaden opportunity. From now on, we at VDI, as a LINTEC family member, will absorb various things and contribute to the family with better performances.LINTEC GRAPHIC FILMS LIMITEDLINTEC GRAPHIC FILMS signed a trademark licensing agreement with LINTEC in 2010, thereby adopting the Company’s name, and is the U.K. sales company for adhesive products, with a focus on the Company’s adhesive products for labels, graphic sheets, and window lms. Its name will be changed to LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LIMITED before the Group exhibits at the world’s largest label event, Labelexpo Europe 2017, in late September in Belgium. LINTEC will be aiming to accelerate new customer acquisition in Europe by making even more effective use than before of the company’s mar-keting strengths and wide-ranging sales network.Andrew James Voss, Managing DirectorLINTEC’s corporate culture is ethical, creative, and positive. The underlying culture of LINTEC GRAPHIC FILMS, LINTEC’s business partner, is very similar to that of the LINTEC Group. Having strengthened our ties with LINTEC EUROPE B.V. through our change of name, we will be aiming to expand sales in Europe. It’s highly rewarding work. We will continue providing our customers better products and services to help LINTEC become recognized in Europe as an innovation leader.VDI, LLCHead ofce: Kentucky, U.S.A. Established: 1971 Number of employees: 36 (As of December 31, 2016) Net sales: ¥1,070 million Operating income: ¥20 million (Year ended December 31, 2016)Acquisition price: $26 million (Debt assumption is not included)Lintec Graphic Films LimitedHead ofce: Buckinghamshire, U.K. Established: 1993 Number of employees: 18 (As of October 31, 2016) Net sales: ¥850 million Operating income: ¥130 million (Year ended October 31, 2016) Acquisition price: £7.3 million 19LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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