MACTAC AMERICAS, LLCAdhesive materials manufacturer MACTAC has a solid position in North America, where the market is growing at a steady 2%–3% annually and accounts for an approximately 30% share of the global adhesive label materials market. Working with three manufacturing bases in the U.S. and Mexico, it has good relationships with its more than 1,000 customers and possesses a long supply record and strong brand. In addition to adhesive products for labels, MACTAC handles decorative graphic sheets that can be used as wall hang-ings and a variety of industrial and medical tapes. Its sales total approximately ¥35 billion.MACTAC complements LINTEC’s strengths in adhesive lms with a focus on adhesive papers and excels in hot-melt adhesive formulation technology that the LINTEC Group did not possess before. It also brings high-speed coating facilities to the Group for the rst time. The company’s extensive sales network in North America will facilitate the rollout of LINTEC products in this market, and by engaging in product development that combines the two companies’ technologies, LINTEC will seek to grow business in other regions as well.FocusWe prole the three 2016 acquisitions in the U.S. and the U.K. with comments from company representatives. SPECIAL FEATUREEdward LaForge, PresidentThe true strength of MACTAC comprises our employees, technology, and culture. The innovative spirit and strong R&D team at MACTAC have led to unique technology solutions, including our hot-melt adhesive formulation. We believe combining LINTEC and MACTAC technologies will strengthen our market positions, and we are condent that “our products,” including LINTEC’s, will extend their global reach. What’s more, we hope to fuse our respective corporate cultures, technologies, and strategies to generate the benets of positive synergy early on, and contribute to the Group.MACtac Americas, LLCHead ofce: Ohio, U.S.A. Established: 1959 Number of employees: 496 (As of December 31, 2016) Net sales: ¥34.2 billionOperating income: ¥3.6 billion (Year ended December 31, 2016) Acquisition price: Approx. $270 million (Debt assumption is not included)Head ofceColumbus Plant18LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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