Overseas Business HistoryIn its endeavors to establish a label market in Japan, the Company sought to obtain information on advanced adhesive label tech-nologies in Europe and the U.S. from an early stage in its history. “A-100 type” label printing machine the Company developed in 1973 as part of its efforts to expand sales of adhesive products for labels attracted great attention from Europe, the U.S., and Asia.LINTEC’s rst overseas ofce was an ofce in Beijing that opened in 1985. In addition to cultivating label markets in China, the Company commenced development of overseas business in window lms for automobiles and buildings with the acquisition of MADICO, INC. in the U.S. in 1987.In 1994, LINTEC opened a sales ofce in Singapore to expand sales of semiconductor-related products. The following year this ofce was incorporated as LINTEC SINGAPORE PRIVATE LIMITED and its business was extended to products such as adhesive products for labels. It subsequently became the strategy center for sales network expansion in Southeast Asia.On the manufacturing side, the Group’s rst Asian adhesive products plant, PT. LINTEC INDONESIA, was also established in 1994. Thereafter the product supply structure was strengthened by building plants in Malaysia, China, South Korea, and Taiwan based on the concept of local production, which means that we manufacture closer to the customer and thereby provide our cus-tomers with a stable supply of products.Following the establishment of a production base in Thailand in 2011, sales ofces were set up in quick succession across Southeast Asia and in India, and in January 2015 LINTEC ASIA PACIFIC was established in Singapore to oversee all sales bases in the region.In 2016, LINTEC secured a foothold for full-scale business development in the European and North American markets with three acquisitions in the U.S. and the U.K.SPECIAL FEATUREThe LINTEC Global NetworkLINTEC has been very active in globalizing its business in recent years and currently has plants and ofces in 19 countries and regions. “Strengthening of regional strategy” is a key initiative in the medium-term business plan LIP-2019 as LINTEC strives to build up businesses in Japan and overseas. Below we outline the history of LINTEC’s overseas business expansion and prole the three companies in Europe and North America that became subsidiaries in 2016.16LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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