Net Sales25020015010050020132014201520162017206.0¥ Billion25201510501512963016.68.120132014201520162017Operating Income / Operating Prot Margin¥ Billion%Operating IncomeOperating Prot Margin (right)¥206.0 billion¥16.6 billionOperating Income8.1 %Operating Prot MarginTotal AssetsNet AssetsTotal Assets / Net Assets¥ Billion06012018024030020132014201520162017178.7274.2¥274.2 billionTotal Assets¥178.7 billionNet AssetsNet Cash Provided by Operating ActivitiesNet Cash Used in Investing ActivitiesNet Cash Provided by (Used in) Financing Activities–60–40–2002040201320142015201620175.324.4(48.4)Cash FlowsNet Cash Provided by Operating Activities¥24.4 billionNet Cash Used in Investing Activities¥(48.4) billionNet Cash Provided by Financing Activities¥5.3 billion¥ BillionProt Attributable to Owners of ParentROE (right)Net Income per ShareCash Dividends per Share (right)2001601208040002040608010020132014201520162017158.6966Net Income per Share / Cash Dividends per Share¥ ¥Prot Attributable to Owners of Parent / Return on Equity (ROE)1512963010864206.611.520132014201520162017¥ Billion%¥11.5 billionProt Attributable to Owners of Parent¥158.69Net Income per Share¥66Cash Dividends per Share6.6 %ROEPerformance HighlightsLINTEC Corporation and its consolidated subsidiariesFiscal years ended March 31 8LINTEC ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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