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Optical Adhesive Sheet for Film Sensor Type Touch Screen(Capacitive)

This is an acid-free type optically clear adhesive sheet designed to meet the requirements of film type touch sensors. It is ideal for the attachment of transparent conductive film, 3D film and various types of optical films.






■Peeling caused by outgas from plastic is restrained

Blister resistance evaluation

Blister resistance evaluation
  • Test condition: 80℃dry x 240hrs

■Heat and humidity resistance (prevents haze increase)

Heat and humidity resistance (prevents haze increase)

High temperature and high humidity test
  • Test condition: Glass (with decorative printing) / Adhesive / Glass
  • Test condition: 85℃ 85%RH x 120hrs

■Excellent adhesion to difficult-to-adhesive surface (such as hard coated surface)

Product name Adhesive thickness
Adhesion after 24hrs (N/25mm)
Glass Hard coat ITO
MO series 50 23.0 14.0 13.5
75 23.0 15.5 14.5
100 24.0 17.0 15.0
  • Measuring method: 180° peel (using PET100μm as base film)
  • ※The indicated values are measured values, not guaranteed values.

■Gap-filling ability to fill the printing gap