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What is Opteria?

Opteria=Optical and Electronic Materials

LINTEC combines the “materials design and materials development” of adhesive, hard coating and release films, and “production technology” of precision thin-film coating, to expand high quality, high performance and high-value-added touch screen related products as “Opteria” brand. These products are targeted to meet the requirements of highly functional mobile devices that are also becoming thinner and lighter.
Bearing in mind that the mobile market continues to change rapidly, LINTEC will accurately catch the needs of the times and flexibly offer solution to customers’ requirements.

Opteria products contribute to production of high-quality and high-performance digital devices

Opteria products have been widely adopted in mobile devices equipped with touch screen, and various other electronic equipments with its accumulated materials design and production technology of adhesive sheets, hard coated films, and release films developed for various FPD-related optical films.

Opteria Products

Functional Adhesive Sheets
Optically Clear Adhesive Sheet (OCA)
A wide line-up of adhesive products is available for the lamination of various components of mobile devices such as touch screen and display. The adhesive products can also be delivered as high-precision die-cut materials.
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Functional Hard Coat Film
Functional Coated Film
By developing materials with various functions (optics, electricity, physical quality, etc.) and using the precise thin film coating technology, LINTEC offers high-quality coated products for next-generation displays.
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Coated Film for Production of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Anti-shatter Film (ASF)
Multi-functional products with the combination of adhesive sheet (with gap-filing ability and resistance to metal corrosion) and hard coated film (with anti-fingerprint or anti-glare properties) are available. These materials contribute to the anti-shattering, high-definition and high functionality of the display.
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Marketing, Development, and Production Systems of Opteria Products

With our flexibility and integrated production, LINTEC supplies high-quality & high-performance products to meet customers’needs.

・Complete manufacturing from materials design & development to precision thin-film coating of “adhesive / hard coat / release agent.”
・Supply of highly precise die-cut adhesive products.
・Global support by sales network expanding from Asia.

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Materials Design/Production Flow

Opteria products accommodate the complete manufacturing of adhesive and hard coated type products from start to finish.
  • Opteria products accommodate the complete manufacturing of adhesive and hard coated type products from start to finish.
  • As a leading company of adhesive raw materials, LINTEC is committed to provide high-quality products based on the materials development technologies for adhesive, releasing, hard coat, and other types of products, and the precision thin-film coating technology.
  • Opteria is capable of delivering high precision processed products such as die-cut adhesive sheets. In addition to combining materials such as adhesive sheets and hard coated films, products can also be delivered through start-to-finish manufacturing process.
  • Materials Development Technology Production Technology

Sales Network of Opteria Products

Sales Network of Opteria Products Focusing on the Asian region, the sales network of the world-spreading Opteria products is introduced.

Global Network