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Dicing Die Bonding Tape

LE Tape

Dicing Die Bonding Tape(Video Clips)

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Product Information

  • Die to Substrate Type:Cure·Cureless
    Adhesive Thickness 10~30µm
  • Die to Die Type:Cure·Cureless
    Adhesive Thickness 10~25µm
  • Die to Die FOW Type:Cure
    Adhesive Thickness 60~75µm

Adwill LE Tape is a high value-added tape that combines the functions of dicing tape and die bonding material. Prevents adhesive bleeding or unevenness by transferring the adhesive uniformly onto the backside of the die at pick-up. Particularly suited for die bonding of thick stacked CSPs. Processing is also simplified since the same tape can be used in the process from dicing to bonding.

  1. 1.During dicing, the tape secures wafers in a manner similar to regular dicing tape. It is a multi-functional tape that transfers an adhesive layer to the backside when a die is picked up.
  2. 2.Because the DAF lamination process can be omitted, processing is simplified, while damage to the wafer caused by heat treatment during adhesion is eliminated as well.
  3. 3.Because heat curing (wafer mounting) can be done at low temperatures, the probability for damage to the wafer from heating is reduced.
  4. 4.There are no problems such as adhesive bleeding or die tilt.
  5. 5.Three lineups are available for following applications: one for die to die, one for die to substrate which conforms well to the bumps and depressions, and one for die to die FOW.*
  • *FOW: Film On Wire

Process Flow

LE Tape Method vs Paste Type Adhesive Method

Subject LE Tape Paste Type Adhesive
Adhesive Condition Uniform over whole surface Non-uniform, partial coverage
Effect on Die Size No Yes
Tool and Adhesive Layer Control None required Required
Bleeding of Adhesive During Curing No Yes

LE Tape for Die to Substrate Application

  1. 1.Adwill LE Tape has outstanding adhesion to substrate materials.
  2. 2.With this tape, bumps on the substrate can be fully covered thanks to control of the adhesive material's elastic modulus. Similar to conventional paste type adhesives, it reduces the risk of damage to a package from residual air voids.

LE Tape for Die to Die Application

  1. 1.Adhesive thickness is in uniform and no adhesive bleeds out the edge making bonding at die size level possible.
  2. 2.Maintains proper elasticity modulus and enables excellent wire bonding after die bonding.

LE Tape for Die to Die FOW Application

Die to Die FOW Application used

  1. 1.Allows stabilized stacks of the same size dies as the wire is securely embedded and sealed in the adhesive layer, eliminating damage to the wire itself as well as contact with the bottom surface of the upper layer die.
  2. 2.Without the need for a spacer to maintain wire height between dies, the tape makes thin packaging possible and improves production efficiency.

LD Tape

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Product Information

  • DBG(Dicing Before Grinding) Type:Cure
    Adhesive Thickness 5,7µm

Adwill LD Tape is dicing die bonding tape best suited for the DBG (Dicing Before Grinding) process. High quality adhesive layer cutting of LD Tape is achieved by using full cut laser dicing after applying dicing die bonding tape to separated dies in the DBG process.

  1. 1.Easy pick-up allows it to be effective for ultra-thin dies.
  2. 2.Available in adhesive thickness of 5m and 7m, enabling high density and multi-stacked packages.