Adwill: Tape and equipment for semiconductor device production.

Products for Dicing/Mounting Process

These products substantially contribute to improved productivity and labor conservation. Products include a wafer mounter, which fixes the wafer in a ring frame for the dicing process undertaken in semiconductor fabrication, and also attaches and fixes the dicing tape; a UV irradiation equipment that irradiates wafers with ultraviolet light after dicing, which reduces adhesion so that dies can be picked up easily; and a barcode & vision system that enables barcode management of wafers.

Dicing Tape

Two types of dicing tape are available: UV curable type, D series, which achieves easier pick-up after reducing adhesion by UV irradiation, and non-UV type, G series, which features outstanding long-term stability.

Dicing Die Bonding Tape

This tape has the functional combination of dicing tape and die-attach film. It solves problems such as bleeding of liquid adhesive. Products suitable for DBG(Dicing Before Grinding) process are also available.

Wafer Mounter

This is a high performance wafer mounter of high-throughput. The line-up consists of six product types that vary in accordance with fully-automatic or semi-automatic functions, as well as wafer size.

UV Irradiation System

This is a high performance UV irradiation system with greater efficiency and uniformity. The line-up consists of five product types that vary in accordance with fully-automatic or semi-automatic functions, as well as wafer size.

Backside Coating Tape

LC Tape is a special adhesive tape that protects the die backside in Flip Chip mounting. While protecting and reinforcing the die backside, it also blocks light to minimize effects on circuit surfaces.

LC Tape Laminator

This is a laminator exclusively designed to optimize the lamination of LC Tape on 300mm wafers.

Barcode & Vision System

This is a fully-automatic barcode label printing and attachment system which is used after wafer ID is recognized via the monitor.

Label for Clean Room Use

This is a tracking label best suite for clean room use. The line-up also includes heatproof label material that features outstanding heat resistance, solvent resistance, and abrasion resistance properties.