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Products for DBG Process

What is the DBG (Dicing Before Grinding) process?

This is a die fabrication process in which, after the circuit surface has been half-cut, the wafer is made ultra-thin through back grinding while the die is separated. With an in-line system comprised of the Lintec's fully-automatic multifunction wafer mounter (RAD-2510F/12Sa) and Disco Corporation's grinder, the risk of damage to wafers is reduced and ultra-thin dies can be produced with stability.

DBG Process(Video Clips)

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Products for DBG Process

■BG Tape for DBG Process
This is a back grinding tape that fully prevents infiltration of grinding fluid during polishing, as well as the generation of dies or cracks. The tape is laminated by the "RAD-3500 series," BG Tape Laminator.

  1. 1.Strong adhesive force fully prevents infiltration of grinding fluid and die dust during grinding.
  2. 2.Absorption and/or relief of compression stress and shear stress during grinding
  3. 3.Suppresses cracking due to contact between dies
  4. 4.Adhesive strength can be freely adjusted through UV irradiation.

Grinding Stress Model for BG Tape

■Pick-up Tape for DBG Process
A special-purpose pick-up tape for fully transferring dies, diced after back grinding, from surface protective tape to ring frame. The tape is mounted with the "RAD-2510 F/12Sa," fully-automatic multifunction wafer mounter.

  1. 1.Dies diced after back grinding are fully transferred.
  2. 2.Stress to dies during pick-up is minimized.
  3. 3.Cracking due to contact between dies is suppressed.
  4. 4.Ultra-thin, large dies can be picked up securely by using a special UV curable tape.

Area and thickness of die to which pick-up tape is applied

■Dicing Die Bonding Tape for DBG Process
When applying dicing die bonding tape to separated dies in the DBG (Dicing Before Grinding) process, a process to cut the adhesive layer between the dies is required. High quality adhesive layer cutting of LD Tape is achieved by using full cut laser dicing.

  1. 1.Easy pick-up allows it to be effective for ultra-thin dies.
  2. 2.Full cut laser dicing of adhesive layers is enabled by optimizing the suitability for laser cutting.
  3. 3.Available in adhesive thickness of 5m and 7m

RAD-2510F/12Sa (300mm Fully-Automatic Multifunction Wafer Mounter for DBG Process)

RAD-3500 series (BG Tape Laminator)

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Products for DBG Process

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