冷凍保存も可能な低温接着性や、 調理に適した耐熱性などが必要となります。These products must have low-tempera-ture resistance for retaining adhesion dur-ing frozen storage and heat resistance levels suited to cooking.容器にしっかりと貼れる曲面貼付性、商品の“顔”としての高い意匠性が求められます。These products must be able to hold rmly to curved containers and must have supe-rior design as they become the“face”of the item they are attached to.配送中に欠落しない粘着力や、こすれても印字がかすれない耐擦過性が必須です。Products for this eld must have sucient adhesive strength to avoid peeling during delivery as well as abrasion resistance to prevent letters from being scratched o.風合いや意匠性に加え、家具などからきれいに剝がせる再剝離性のニーズもあります。In addition to pleasing textures and designs, there is also demand for products capable of residue-free removal from furniture and other articles.エンジンルームなどの過酷な環境下でも剝がれない耐久性や耐熱性が要求されます。Durability and heat resistance is vital to ensure that these products can stay applied even under harsh conditions in engine compartments and other industrial scenes.高精細の印字適性や、アルコールなどに対する印字面の耐薬品性も重要です。These products must be able to print high-resolution letters on surfaces that are resis-tant to alcohol and chemicals.主な用途と要求性能Main applications and required capabilities食品関連For food products日用品関連For commodity items流通関連For distribution applications文具関連For stationary工業関連For industrial applications医療・医薬関連For medical and pharmaceutical items印刷・情報材関連製品Printing- and variable information-related productsLINTEC provides various adhesive papers and lms that are used as labels and seals for commodity items, food products, consumer elec-tronics, and other items. By developing a diverse range of products that utilize LINTEC’s unique technologies, we are responding to users’ needs that vary based on application and usage environment.日用品や食品、家電製品などの表示ラベルやシールとして用いられる、粘着紙・粘着フィルムをご提供しています。持ち前の技術を生かした多種多様な製品開発で、用途や使用環境などによって異なるさまざまなニーズにお応えしています。主な製品 Main products• シール・ラベル用 粘着紙・粘着フィルム• バーコード用ラベル素材• Adhesive papers and lms for seals and labels• Barcode label supplies7


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