当社は粘着製品や特殊紙の分野におけるリーディングカンパニーとして、社是「至誠と創造」の下、お客様第一の精神と斬新な発想でさまざまなニーズにお応えする製品を開発・提供しています。設立から80年を超え、今やその製品群は非常に幅広い分野にわたっています。 今後も当社では“イノベーション(革新)”をキーワードに、新規需要の開拓や新製品の開発に積極的に取り組み、より力強く、魅力的な企業へと飛躍してまいります。“Linking your dreams”̶世の中にあふれるたくさんの夢を、独自の技術でつなぎ合わせてカタチに していくリンテックに、これからもご期待ください。As a leading company in the fields of adhesive products and specialty papers, LINTEC is acting in accordance with its com-pany motto of “Sincerity and Creativity” to develop and provide products that meet users’ various needs through a customer-rst mindset and innovative new ideas. Today, for over 80 years since our founding, our product lineup has come to spread across an exceptionally wide range of elds. Going forward, with“innovation” as our keyword, the Company will leap toward becoming a more powerful and appealing company by actively working to elicit new demand and develop new products. “Linking your dreams"̶ LINTEC utilizes its unique technologies to link the countless dreams of people across the world and give form to them. We look for-ward to your ongoing support.Hiroyuki NishioRepresentative Director, President, CEO and COO西尾 弘之代表取締役社長社長執行役員1


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