海外主要生産拠点Overseas production sites 日本 Japan リンテック株式会社(本社) LINTEC CORPORATION (Head Oce)韓国 Korea LINTEC KOREA, INC. LINTEC SPECIALITY FILMS (KOREA), INC. LINTEC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES (KOREA), INC.台湾 Taiwan LINTEC SPECIALITY FILMS (TAIWAN), INC. LINTEC HI-TECH (TAIWAN), INC. LINTEC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES (TAIWAN), INC. Hsinchu Oce カナダ Canada MACTAC CANADA ULCアメリカ United States LINTEC USA HOLDING, INC. LINTEC OF AMERICA, INC. Chicago Oce Dallas Oce Nano-Science & Technology Center MACTAC AMERICAS, LLC Columbus Plant Scranton Plant MADICO, INC. Madico Window Films Madico West Madico Southwest Madico Mid-America Madico South Texas Madico Southeast Madico Florida Madico Northeast VDI, LLCメキシコ Mexico MACTAC MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V.グローバル展開を積極的に推進している当社グループの海外売上高比率は、着々と高まってきています。今後もグローバル化を推し進め、海外市場での拡販に努めていきます。The LINTEC Group is actively promot-ing global expansion and has steadily increased the ratio of overseas sales. The Group will advance business glo-balization and work to increase sales in overseas markets.77,772 73,092 70,590 52,90728,459 2005/32008/32011/32014/32017/3 アジア  その他 Asia Others 生産子会社 Manufacturing subsidiary 販売子会社、事務所 Sales subsidiary, Oce 持株会社、地域統括会社 Holding company, Regional headquarters 子会社の工場、支店、研究開発拠点など Plants, branch oces, and R&D oces of subsidiaries琳得科(蘇州)科技有限公司LINTEC (SUZHOU) TECH CORPORATIONシール・ラベル用粘着製品、合成 皮革用工程紙などの製造販売Manufacturing and sales of adhe-sive products for seals and labels and casting papers for synthetic leatherPT. LINTEC INDONESIAシール・ラベル用粘着製品、二輪用・自動車用粘着製品などの製造販売Manufacturing and sales of adhe-sive products for seals and labels and motorcycle- and automobile-use adhesive productsLINTEC (THAILAND) CO., LTD.シール・ラベル用粘着製品、二輪用・自動車用粘着製品、粘着用剝離紙などの製造販売Manufacturing and sales of adhe-sive products for seals and labels, motorcycle- and automobile-use adhesive products, and release papers for adhesive productsLINTEC KOREA, INC.半導体関連製品、積層セラミックコンデンサ関連テープなどの製造販売Manufacturing and sales of semi-conductor-related products and multilayer ceramic capacitor-related tapesMACTAC AMERICAS, LLCシール・ラベル用粘着製品、大判プリント関連製品、工業用粘着テープなどの製造販売Manufacturing and sales of adhesive products for seals and labels, large-sized printing-related products, and industrial-use adhesive tapesMADICO, INC.ウインドーフィルムなどの製造販売Manufacturing and sales of window lms海外売上高/海外売上高比率Overseas sales / Overseas sales ratio百万円¥ Millions 37.8%36.0%33.2%26.2%16.6%21


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