CSRCorporate Social Responsibility地域清掃活動Local clean-up activities植樹活動Tree-planting activitiesクリスマスチャリティーChristmas charity activitiesCSR経営を推進し、誰からも信頼される会社であり続けます。We practice CSR management with the aim of being a company that is trusted by all.当社では、あらゆるステークホルダーから評価され、信頼される会社であり続けられるよう、CSR(企業の社会的責任)を根幹に置いた企業経営を推進しています。社長直轄のCSR推進室を設け、全社横断的組織である三つの委員会が中心となって、グループ全社でCSR活動に取り組んでいます。LINTEC implements corporate social responsibility (CSR)-based management to further develop as a company that is highly regarded and trusted by all of its stakeholders. We are conducting CSR activities throughout the Company centered on the CSR Management Oce, which reports directly to the president, and its three subcommittees, which consist of members from all areas of the Company.CSR推進体制 ( 2017年4月1日現在 )CSR promotion system ( As of April 1, 2017 )代表取締役社長Representative Director, PresidentCSR推進室CSR Management Oce監査室Audit Oce経営企画室Corporate Strategic Oce管理本部Administration Div.広報・IR室Public Relations Oce事業統括本部Business Administration Div.生産本部Production Div.コスト改革推進室Cost Innovation Oce品質・環境統括本部Quality Assurance & Environmental Protection Div.研究開発本部Research & Development Div.企業倫理委員会Corporate Ethics CommitteeCS委員会Customer Satisfaction Committee社会貢献委員会Social Contribution Committee総務・人事本部General Aairs & Human Resources Div.18


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