研究所では最新鋭の試験研究設備はもとより、クリーンルームやユーザーの生産環境と同等の半導体関連装置までも完備しています。特に「先端技術棟」には、工場の量産設備に近い大型テスト塗工設備を導入し、研究開発から量産化までスムーズに行える体制を整えています。また当社グループでは、海外でも研究開発の強化に努めており、米国・テキサス州に「ナノサイエンス& テクノロジーセンター」を設け、従来の技術領域とは 異なる新しい分野の研究を進めています。In addition to the state of the art research equipment, the Research Center is equipped with clean rooms and semiconductor-related equipment that is equivalent to that found at our customers’ production sites. Particularly in the Advanced Technology Building, we have introduced large test coaters similar to production facilities at factories and have put into place a system that can smoothly conduct processes from R&D to mass production. Furthermore, the Group is working to enhance its R&D activities overseas. Accordingly, it has established the Nano-Science & Technology Center in the U.S. state of Texas. At the center, the Group is moving forward with research in new fields that branch out from conventional technological domains.当社では、研究開発の初期段階における顧客ニーズや開発プロセスの精査に重きを置く「フロントローディング設計」、素材開発と量産化に向けたプロセス開発を同時並行で推進していく「ワンストップ開発」の二つをキーワードに、開発効率の向上に努めています。LINTEC is working to improve the efficiency of development based on two keywords: ‶front-loading design,” which entails scrutinizing customer needs and development processes from the initial R&D stages, and ‶one-stop development,” in which materials and processes for their mass production are developed side-by-side.15


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