リンテックの工程紙LINTEC’s casting papers合成皮革用工程紙Casting papers for synthetic leather靴やかばんなどに使われる合成皮革の製造工程で、柄をつけるための型紙として使用されます。エナメル調、カーフ(子牛革)調など多彩な柄を取りそろえており、毎年の流行に合わせた新柄も開発しています。In the production of synthetic leather, which is used in such products as shoes and handbags, casting papers are used for imprinting patterns. LINTEC has a broad lineup of these papers, including products for creating such patterns as enamel nish and calfskin nish, and we develop new designs to match the change of trends with each year.炭素繊維複合材料用工程紙Casting papers for carbon ber composite materials髪の毛のように細い炭素繊維(カーボンファイバー)をシート状に固める際に、台紙として使用されます。ゴルフクラブや釣り竿ざお、さらには航空機のボディー部材といった炭素繊維製品の製造工程で使用される高品質な工程紙です。These papers are used as base when solidifying ne, hair-like carbon ber into sheets. These high-quality casting papers are used in the production of carbon ber products, such as golf clubs, shing poles, and components of aircraft bodies.工程紙の上に樹脂を塗って基布を貼り合わせ、乾燥後に工程紙を剝がすことで柄を転写します。Casting papers coated with resins are axed to a back-ing, and then dried and removed to imprint synthetic leather with patterns.樹脂を塗った工程紙の上に炭素繊維を並べ、もう1枚の工程紙で挟んでから、熱を加えて半硬化させます。Carbon bers are placed on top of a resin-coated sheet of casting paper, and then covered with another sheet of casting paper and partially hardened through heating.乾燥Drying基布Backing工程紙Casting paper樹脂Resin接着剤Adhesive合成皮革Synthetic leather工程紙Casting paper炭素繊維Carbon ber炭素繊維シートCarbon ber sheets工程紙 Casting paper工程紙Casting paper熱硬化樹脂Thermoest resin炭素繊維Carbon ber炭素繊維Carbon ber炭素繊維シートCarbon ber sheets工程紙 Casting paper工程紙Casting paper熱硬化樹脂Thermoest resin炭素繊維Carbon ber剝離紙・剝離フィルム Release papers and filmsLINTEC endows papers and films with special functions, such as releasability, water resistance, heat resistance, and abrasion resistance, to create release papers and films that protect the adhesive surfaces of various adhesive products. We also provide casting papers such as those used for manufacturing synthetic leather and carbon fiber composite materials.紙やフィルムに剝離適性、耐水性、耐熱性、耐摩耗性といった機能を付与することで、各種粘着製品の粘着剤面を保護する剝離紙・剝離フィルムをはじめ、合成皮革や炭素繊維成形品の製造工程で使用される工程紙などをご提供しています。主な製品 Main products• 一般用剝離紙• 光学関連製品用 剝離フィルム• 合成皮革用工程紙• 炭素繊維複合材料用 工程紙• Release papers for general-use• Release lms for optical-related products• Casting papers for synthetic leather• Casting papers for carbon ber composite materials13


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