特殊紙Specialty papersDrawing on its original papermaking technologies, LINTEC markets a diverse range of specialty paper products, such as a vast assort-ment of color papers for envelopes and colored construction papers, special function papers including oil resistant papers used in food packaging and dust-free papers that produce almost no dust when torn, and high-grade printing papers.独自の抄紙技術を生かして、豊富な色数が特徴のカラー封筒用紙や色画用紙、食品包装用の耐油紙や破いてもほとんど塵ちりが発生しない無塵紙といった特殊機能紙、高級印刷用紙など、数多くの製品をラインアップしています。主な製品 Main products• カラー封筒用紙• 色画用紙• 特殊機能紙• 高級印刷用紙• 高級紙製品用紙• Color papers for envelopes• Colored construction papers• Special function papers• High-grade printing papers• High-grade papers for paper productsニュアージュCoC印刷効果をより引き立たせる、雲のような純朴な白さと落ち着きのある風合いが特徴の高級印刷用紙です。各種印刷・印字方式に対応し、平滑性が高く滑らかな質感で、高級感あふれる印刷仕上がりを実現します。These high-grade printing papers feature a cloud-like white color and texture that is both simple and calm, enabling them to make printed images look all the better. Compatible with various printing and lettering methods and boasting an exquisite sense of smoothness, Nuage helps create printed materials that exude class.原料となるパルプにフッ素系特殊樹脂を含浸させることで、油や水を染み出しにくくした紙です。フライドチキンやポテトフライの包み紙などに多く使用されており、持ったときに手に油がつきにくいのはもちろん、通気性が高いため、包んだ食品が蒸れにくいのが特徴です。By impregnating a unique uoride-based resin in the raw material pulp, this paper makes it difficult for water and oil to seep out of it. This paper is being used in various ways, such as wrapping for fried chicken and french fries. Not only is it dicult for a person’s hands to become greasy while holding the paper, the paper also works to prevent the food product wrapped inside of it from becoming soggy due to the its high level of breathability.高級印刷用紙High-grade printing papers耐油紙Oil resistant papers12


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